Access control and security systems for business premises

Case Study
Protection Vessels International

Protection Vessels International (PVI) inherited a piecemeal system of locks which relied heavily on key holders to supervise their new Tiverton offices. This seriously compromised the security of sensitive areas and the safety of staff and visitors, so they turned to Five Star Security for help.

Why us? To begin with, PVI talked with other businesses within the building who recommended us for our expertise and excellent customer service. In addition we were able to advise them on the ideal solution built around their specific needs – a solution our competitors weren’t able to offer.

PVI’s security issue

PVI is a global leader in maritime security. They needed security together with the health and safety at their own offices to be just as good.

PVI had inherited a rudimentary system of locks to various areas of their new Tiverton premises when they took over a number of business units. These systems were entirely inadequate to their needs and they needed to upgrade to an integrated system to bring their new premises in line with their ISO certification.

PVI’s business premises state-of-the-art security


PVI needed to be able to monitor its entire premises 24/7. We installed a state-of-the-art CCTV system including ANPR (auto number plate recognition) and PTZ (pan tilt & zoom) cameras in the entire office complex to cover every angle and identify any possible intruders. This is both networked and accessible either internally or remotely − so their authorised staff can monitor footage via secure user access codes anytime and from anywhere.

Upgrading and integrating security, access control, intruder and fire alarms into a single elegant solution

Our expert team visited PVI and was able to offer a means to upgrade and combine their security and fire protection with the latest access control management system, intruder alarm and CCTV. This meant that PVI was able to gain instant control of its premises from one centralised point together with a clear audit trail of access to, and from, the whole site.

We were also able to find sympathetic hybrid hardware which enabled us to provide seamless integration between the new access control and the existing fire alarm systems – offering both safety and security without compromising either.

Five Star Security Services have provided Protection Vessels International robust solutions for both physical security and access systems with monitoring and
surveillance capabilities. Five Star Security provide a fast and reliable service that has tailored our company requirements to a high specification and integrity.

Steve Lindley
PVI Facilities Manager and Group Business Champion for Health & Safety