School Security Systems

Case Study
Blundell’s School

Five Star Security has been the supplier of choice for security systems at Blundell’s School for a number of years.

Recently, they needed to upgrade security to a number of areas within the school. The challenge was that the locks had to be fitted to a number of different types of door, and that they had exams coming up. We were able to work around both problems.

The school’s security issues

The school, which has nearly 40 buildings on a 100 acre site, means that some are inevitably fairly remote and security is therefore of paramount importance. Access needs to be restricted to the school community. They decided it was time that the intruder alarms in some areas were replaced and that new digital locks should be fitted.

In addition they have workshops which house expensive woodworking equipment and stock. The offices adjacent to the workshop areas are already alarmed and they felt it made sense to alarm the workshops too.

Finally, Blundell’s School needed to replace all the external school door locks. They switched from entirely mechanical key-operated locks to both key and digitally operated locks.

The school security solution

The CCF Building

We were also able to fit a state-of-the-art fully monitored speech-dialler intruder alarm at the CCF building. The alarm notifies keyholders and the police in the event of a break-in, and acts as a visible deterrent. One of the benefits of the new digital lock on the CCF Building is that it will provide them with a ‘real-time’ audit trail of who enters. Together, the new lock and intruder alarm system will enable them to be confident that no-one but authorised users gain access.

The school workshops

Five Star Security regularly maintains, upgrades and takes over older alarm systems. We were able to extend the existing intruder alarm from the office area to the workshops – checking for wear and upgrading in the process. The offices and workshops are now secure while remaining accessible for authorised staff and pupils at appropriate times.

External school doors

Our team of friendly CRB-checked engineers were able to work early and late to avoid disrupting pupils during their exams. We were able to assess all the door types to come up with suitable key and digital locks to unify their locking systems.

We know that if we have security issues at any time, Five Star Security will do their utmost to respond to us as a matter of urgency. We are confident that they can deliver what we need, when we need it − be it straightforward keys cut to locks etc, digital locks or intruder alarms.

We endeavour to use local companies wherever possible. …It isn’t always the case that you will find local companies with sufficient knowledge, and prepared to go out of their way in order to assist. I am pleased to say that Five Star Security satisfies on both fronts and it has been a pleasure dealing with them over the years.

 Frances Jenner
Estates Assistant at Blundell’s School − responsible for Maintenance, Security and Health & Safety