No-one wants to take risks with children and young people, sensitive school data or irreplaceable and/or expensive equipment.  Educational establishments need to deter opportunist intruders, vandals and thieves – even in suburban and rural schools and campuses.

Staff too, rely on security systems to protect them and help them to monitor possible bullying. Additionally, any security system should allow either complete and instant lockdown or unlocked doors.

Secure your campus and save money

Well-designed  security systems incorporating CCTV and fully monitored intruder alarms with flexible access control can save schools money. Our systems can be integrated with your fire alarm system so that they respond accordingly, providing enhanced security and safety.

For instance, costly re-keying and the replacement of locks is eliminated while also ensuring that lost keys do not compromise security. 24-hour unmanned surveillance can eliminate damage to school buildings out of hours and the loss of costly equipment.

Trust Five Star Security

Five Star Security provides individually tailored integrated security systems which allow staff to teach and pupils to learn in a safe and secure environment. We’re SSAIB accredited, fully insured and all our engineers are CRB checked. We can carry out routine maintenance and upgrades in the school holidays to minimise disruption during term time.

Primary schools

Electronic access control systems combined with CCTV are particularly useful in providing a complete audit trail for who enters and who exits school buildings and when. Entrances and exits can be automatically secured within minutes of the start of the school day so that no unauthorised persons enter.

ID badges for staff are recommended, as children can be taught to have confidence in people wearing them. Access control systems can use stored images of children and those authorised to pick them up to ensure that they are not collected by an unauthorised adult.

Access control systems can be flexibly programmed to accommodate school timetables and holiday with tiered, authorised access up to a year in advance. Continuous recorded monitoring and password-restricted ‘live’ viewing from anywhere in the school are also possible.

High schools and further education

ID badging for pupils can be used to enable them to access the library, canteen and locker rooms. Lost badges are quick to cancel, ensuring that no unauthorised persons gain access, and live image comparison can be used to insure that the correct person is using any given badge. A single access control card or biometric identification can be used for ID, canteen entry, library entry and entrance to student accommodation.

University campuses offer particular challenges. They need to feel open and welcoming while remaining secure. A centralised security system with remote viewing which can monitor multiple buildings, entrances and car parks is essential. Dual-path signalling intruder alarms with 24 hour monitoring can automatically alert your keyholders, the police and/or fire services even out of hours, in the event of an incident.

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