Modern access control systems provide the most flexible way of ensuring the right people have access to the right areas of your buildings, while protecting assets, information and staff. They’re also simple to integrate with CCTV and intruder and fire alarms.


We can supply stand-alone security systems including pin-code, fingerprint, biometric, swipe card and tag or token operated locks – all of which can be re-programmed − as well as voice or video-entry systems. These work well in multi-tenant situations.


Centralise your access control with a PC or cloud-based app system which includes magnetic locks, and card readers. These modular systems offer maximum flexibility, and allow you to integrate your access control with other systems such as CCTV, fire and intruder alarms.

  • Control who goes where, and when from wherever you are.
  • Restrict access to rooms containing sensitive information, expensive equipment or stock to senior staff with tiered authority levels.
  • Programme timed access for security and cleaning staff on night shifts or builders so that they cannot access the building at other times.
  • Programme main doors to remain open to the public while restricting access to other areas such as hospital wards or classrooms to staff or students.
  • Re-programme locks at the touch of a button when tags or tokens are lost to keep the building secure.
  • Ensure that staff and vulnerable people such as children and the elderly in your care are protected.
  • Programme all doors and locks to open in the event of a fire to evacuate the building quickly.
  • Use your access control to integrate with time-keeping and HR systems for monitoring, timesheets and data management.
  • Secure gates, car parks and buildings even in multiple locations in a single, centralised system.

We train your staff so that you can manage your access control system easily.

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