Domestic security systems

Some things are irreplaceable, but too many people wait until the worst happens before they upgrade their home security. Even the highest quality locks can only go so far to making your property secure. Protect your valuables and loved ones with a home security system that also acts as a visible deterrent.

Lock up and leave your property and car with confidence. Five Star Security can:

  • assess your home to target weak areas and provide personalised solutions – so that you only pay for what you need
  • secure windows and doors
  • install entry systems or CCTV
  • supply competitively-priced integrated and fully monitored intruder, carbon monoxide, CO2, flood detector and smoke alarm systems – potentially saving lives.


We know that vulnerable people such as elderly relatives and children need special care. CCTV can be your eyes, when you’re not around. Our discreet CCTV systems allow you to remotely view them from a tablet or smartphone from anywhere, whenever you need to. We can also install radio-controlled panic buttons by beds and doors.

CCTV technology has become increasingly affordable for homeowners. You’ll be surprised how little it costs to protect yourself. With HD colour, monochrome, infra-red, switching and motion-sensor technology, high-quality images can provide identification and evidence, should your home be broken into. Our external vandalism-proof cameras also provide a visible deterrent.

Intruder alarms

Choose between wired and wireless systems incorporating the latest vibration and pet-friendly motion detection sensors. We offer bell only, speech-dialled (PSTN landline), SIM card (mobile) and app-controlled (IP/cloud-based) intruder alarms. Or for extra peace of mind, we offer 24/7 fully monitored dual-path signalling systems which are registered with your local police, alerting them immediately whenever an incident occurs. Systems are simple to use, with either a key-pad or fob allowing easy control even for those who are elderly, mobility impaired or disabled.

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